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Get Your Revenge! Want To Blow Off Steam? Get Your Good Quality Insults Here!

Published April 17, 2012 by loonyliterature

 Will Blyton has had enough of The Stinking Shadow and tried to lock him in a trunk. 

It didn’t work.  The Stinking Shadow whiffs for Olde England and the stench broke the lock.

Will Blyton is always on the wrong end of Hamnet’s, the tiny boy trapped in a stone, insults.  Always being one for an opportunity, Will has decided to use  some on  The Stinking Shadow.  Who would you use them on? 

Thou wilt regret this warty nose.

Leave me be, thou fetid skanky breath.

Thou art but a worm eating corpse.

Mule’s manure, that is what thou art.

Thou bent nosed fool.

Thou springy haired oik.

Get off thy knees thou feeble minded dog.

It wilt happen later, old septic earache.

Thou leaking guts.

Thou mangy rat’s bum.


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