Detective Heroes – Tintin

Published May 17, 2012 by loonyliterature
Tintin (character)

Tintin (character) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tintin is a teenage boy who is also a journalist.  He is my hero because he constantly fights evil, that is my foremost reason for having Tintin high upon my list of detective heroes.  However, there is something important about a Tintin book which must not be overlooked when you are a boy detective yourself.  When boy detectives are on a case, they can sometimes find their heads are on the point of exploding – we become suspicious of everyone and as the plot thickens, it can seem as if there is no way out of the mess.

Budding detectives, this is a number one detecting tip for the exploding brain.  Get yourself a bag of Bull’s Eyes and a Tintin book and focus on enjoying yourself.  This tricks your brain in getting order in the mess you are detecting.  Tintin books work particularly well because the drawing is superb, your eyeballs are so busy taking in its splendour that you forget about your brain pain.  As you rush from situation to situation with Tintin, you are transported, for the time being you are Tintin.

Reading a Tintin book also has other beneficial uses.  It is easy as a boy detective to feel that you are rubbish at your job – life can get you down.  We all have weeks when we watch the man across the road, Theophile Twitcher and have him down as a dangerous criminal, later to  find out that he is simply an overenthusiastic birdwatcher.  It happens and we feel like someone has splattered a custard pie in our faces.  At moments like that, I would recommend, budding detectives, that you pick up a Tintin comic book and read it.  Thompson and Thompson are the worst detectives in the world.  They aren’t simply suspicious like us, oh no – they want to arrest the wrong person constantly.

I always think it is important that budding detectives become top notch at being in disguise.  It is not easy.  In fact, it can be quite off putting when you are dressed as an old tramp and The Thunderous Mother passes and says “Hello Will” to you.  However, we can be certain of one thing – we will never be as bad as Thompson and Thompson at disguises.  They might as well wear huge signs over the tops of the heads shouting “DETECTIVES IN VERY BAD DISGUISES.”  So budding detectives, if everyone recognises you in your latest disguise – read a Tintin book – you will feel much better.

2 comments on “Detective Heroes – Tintin

  • I adore Tintin and Snowy! Herge’s obviously, not Spielberg’s, that was a bit rubbish. I grew up with the comics and although it is regrettable that Tintin’s world is rather devoid of female role models – unless you want to be a fat opera singer, there’s little to aim for – I loved his adventures and the humour in the stories very much.

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